Marshmallow Peeps

It all started at lunch one day when Peter said he hated marshmallow peeps. Quite conveniently his birthday takes place just shortly after Easter. At work we're never one to pass up a good office prank (this wound up being the second of many), so we figured we'd do something with peeps and his office

One advantage of being right after Easter is that tons of stores want to offload their leftover peep packages. We went all over town wheeling and dealing, often getting 3-packs of peeps for $0.11. When we were done with purchasing we had enough boxes to completely block off the fireplace in our appartment

It took about six people five hours to do all the work in the picture below. The hardeset part was removing all the ceiling tiles and affixing the peeps to the tiles. We wound up using short lengths of bamboo skewers, although in hindsight a hot-melt glue gun would have worked faster and been easier on our fingers. Some things to note in the pictures below:

We did mail Just Born, manufacturers of Peeps, but sadly they never got back to us. The peeps wound up staying in the office for about two years, through at least two occupant changes. Even six months after they were up we had people coming by and eating them off the ceiling. Ugh.

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